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This is Victoria’s Story

This is a true story, the images and identity are fictitious to protect her privacy

A typical family, dealing with normal turbulent teenage challenges finds themselves at the police station filing a missing person report for their 15-year-old daughter, Victoria. After some time has passed they discover that she had gone to Vancouver where she quickly become addicted to drugs was lured into the sex trade by a pimp who has claimed her “ownership”.  Victoria experienced terrible abuse and violence in that relationship and knew she had to get out. Eventually, 6 months later Vancouver Police report to Youth Empowerment Society‘s Missing Persons system that she may be on her way back to Victoria and subsequently she was located in the downtown core of Victoria by a YES outreach worker.

She was immediately brought to the Alliance Club where her immediate needs for food, clothing and emergency housing were addressed.

At this stage, Victoria weighed about 85 pounds, has visible bruises and markings, is emotionally withdrawn, addicted to several drugs. She has isolated herself from her friends and family and is frightened and distrustful of any adult.

Eventually she agrees to meet with YES Addictions counsellors and enters the Detox program and from there took advantage of the Life Skills program and began to learn some Basic coping skills.

Teenager - Victoria Youth Empowerment Society

Fast Forward – 5 years later through ongoing counselling and support through the various programs that Youth Empowerment Society offers she has successfully exited the street scene and is re-connected with her family. She is completely drug free and has returned to school. In fact, she has completed her second year of nursing training at a community college.

The most powerful ingredient in Victoria’s story is that someone was there when she was ready for change.

At Victoria’s Youth Empowerment Society, there is HOPE.


Services offered by YES include:

youth and family counselling, community outreach, after hours pager access, referrals, assessments, specialized interventions, a missing youth system, assistance with health issues, advocacy, meeting basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, hygiene etc.), emergency crisis response (including emergency/crisis shelter services), community development, life skills training, independent living support/transitional planning, consultation and assistance with issues related to addictions, mental health, employments, housing, education, etc.

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